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Every industry and business is different. Your industry has unique security needs. Within that, your business will also have its own specific security needs. Phoenix Security has experience across a broad range of industries, and we're ready to serve you.

Banking & Finance

We offer camera systems and access control solutions for the banking and finance industry. These solutions combined with our monitoring services help keep customers and team members safe.


Our fire alarm systems and security cameras are preferred by schools, daycares, and universities. These systems help keep students safe. We also offer biometric scanners to prevent the spread of illness.


Healthcare providers rely on us to provide nurse call systems for patients. We also offer security systems for hospitals, as well as fire systems and wiring for patient televisions and health monitoring equipment. We’re a preferred vendor for many leading hospitals who rely on lifesaving technology.

Physical Fitness

We offer CCTV for gyms, cycle studios, yoga classrooms, and more. Our services also include low voltage wiring for cardio equipment, televisions, and more. Biometric scanners are also available and help prevent the spread of illness at these facilities.


Keeping team members safe is a leading priority for many businesses. We offer fire services, security systems, and monitoring services. Our security footage is often valuable in safety training classes and helps prevent loss.


We provide custom sound systems divided into zones for optimal sound distribution for restaurants. We also offer guest WIFI installation, cabling for video distribution, and camera systems.

Community Centers

We offer fire alarm systems for community centers as well as CCTV solutions. We also offer alarm systems allowing users to call emergency services outdoors on center campuses. These alarm systems and our monitoring services help keep visitors secure.


Stolen merchandise is a leading cause of loss for retailers, in fact, it’s one of the biggest expenses retailers face worldwide. Our security systems are a loss deterrent, as well as a necessary component to any loss prevention investigation. We also offer commercial fire systems to retailers.


Service companies often call us for our commercial security and fire systems. Our camera systems help with training to prevent on the job accidents, and serve as a theft deterrent. These systems are crucial for keeping these businesses running.

Property Management

Our fire systems keep facilities safe, whether they be apartment buildings, office spaces, or other businesses run by a property management company. We also offer security systems for property management companies, and outdoor emergency service alarm systems.


Many of our customers are in the hospitality industry utilizing our alarm systems, CCTV, and fire and security monitoring systems. Keeping guests and team members safe while dining out, or visiting a hotel, or another such location is a key priority for us and for these types of businesses.

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