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Whether you have a family or business to look after, Phoenix Security offers the full range of services to protect what matters most. Our pros will consult with you to evaluate your property and design the perfect solution that meets your specific needs. Read below for a full list of the services we offer.

Security Systems

Every company has different security needs. We work with you to customize a solution that best fits your company. Whether you need alarm systems, cameras, access, turnstiles or more, our products represent the leaders in the industry and our designs providing you with easy to utilize technology. We meet your goals now with an eye on adapting to your future. Our design team and certified installers are extremely experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you every step of the way!

​After your system is installed, we provide exceptional service including comprehensive training for you and your staff. We are dedicated to client satisfaction long after our solutions are put in place.

Fire Systems

Fire damage causes over $300 billion worth of damage in the US and 80% of companies where catastrophic fires occur go bankrupt in 6 months. Keeping your fire system up to code reduces your risk of loss and potential fines or penalties. We provide custom designed fire safety solutions including installations, upgrades, service and repair, testing and inspections, and monitoring. We specialize in adapting antiquated and service-intensive systems over to more modern up-to-date solutions, often at no additional cost to our clients.

Give us a call and let us make sure your property is protected and up to code.

Access Control

Access control allows you to make sure the right people have access to the right places. No more lost keys or changing locks. We work with you to design the best access control solutions for your company. We offer installation and service from an entry level system with one access point to a multi-site enterprise system.

​Our systems are user friendly making updates to personnel access easy and can be completed remotely. We utilize standard card access technology as well as advanced access systems such as biometric (thumb, hand and eye) readers, RF controls, keypads to control doorways, entry gates, and turnstiles. All of which can be integrated with your camera system or security alarm.

Let us work with you to determine the best solutions for your access control needs.


We offer CCTV Camera and other surveillance solutions to fit your needs. Having a view of what is happening at your location can help prevent crime and provide evidence when you need it.

Security cameras also serve to monitor the safety of children, the elderly, and your staff. They good behavior and increase customer confidence.

Our team will work with you to provide the best angles for your monitoring, both on-site and off-site.

Security & Fire Monitoring​

Monitoring is the piece of mind in knowing that someone is always on watch. No matter the situation, Phoenix Security has someone looking over you night and day.

You can utilize our monitoring services for almost every conceivable issue from burglary, fire, and water damage to something as unique as “did my elderly mother get out of bed today?” we have the ability and technology to keep a vigilant eye open even while you sleep!

Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage cabling is a critical component of any security system. The cables are channeled to areas on your property where security cameras, movement sensors, and alarms are implemented.

These low-voltage cables will even provide power to your security cameras and many other devices such as phones, which can eliminate your need for separate power wiring.

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